I know..

I know your problems are just your concerns..

But why the world plays no part to solve them?

I know people show up when things are being wrecked..

But why the world lies low when there are storms in your life?

I know you feel safe to hide in the gloom..

But why the world always fail to anchor?

I know you are at your wit’s end with your stuff..

But why the world never stop judging?

But… Why?


She Is An Independent Soul

There are times when u feel like people try to cage you. But never forget they may cage you up but they can’t cage your soul.



Apologies are the best n sometimes the worst part of any relation. Some people end up being with their head high and not accepting their mistakes. But honey that’s not called Life. You must learn to bend if u want to be happy. Apologies doesn’t always mean that the fault is ours sometimes we need to bend to make our relations better. But some people just don’t feel to. I will say that apologies sometimes make us learn from them. If you don’t apologise it in the moment you may end up regretting it throughout your Life. One must always remember that.
Always learn to accept your mistake & apologise. So whenever u r wrong or whenever u feel like u should then get a word in edgewise and apologise. There’s just one live, you don’t want to end up with regrets. So always be the first to apologise 😀

So is a woman!

Who says that it’s just man who got the strength?
The one who got you on the Earth is a woman! The one who bear everything silently just to grow you up is a woman! The one who works without any complaint is a woman! The one who holds up everything in, is a woman! The one who does not weigh emotions and love endlessly is a woman! The one who put up with the world’s scornful words is a woman! And yeah, the one who never give up is a woman!
Man is powerful, he is strong, so is a woman!


Be Patient


When you are going through some bad days, be patient. God have some best plans for you. I know it’s hard & sometimes you feel sluggish but be patient as you have your whole life with you.

Don’t ever lose hope for God is with the patient!

Survival? Like seriously?

Surviving? Is it a question to ask? Whatever we r going through daily is all but a survival. Surviving from our thoughts, surviving in these hardships, surviving a smile out of the pain and what not. Duh. I know that sounds stupid but have you ever noticed everyone in this world are somehow surviving in their worlds. Bet it a baby or be an oldie be a lady be a man, everyone is surviving.